French immersion

Why I chose to study french

"My mom chose the French Immersion program for me when I was a preschooler and I am so glad she did.  It has given me the gift of fluency in a second language and an education that focuses on the global citizen within all of us.  Between this very rigorous academic program and 25 hours a week in the gym I have very little time to do much else.  But I am a very type-A personality and I have my goals in sight and that is what keeps me motivated each and every day."


4.0 (unweighted)


October 2015


spring 2016


spring 2016

National Honor Society Inductee 2015


French Immersion

The French Immersion Program is a unique program with focus on verbal fluency, and studies of the Francophone culture and literature. Full participation and enrollment in the French Immersion program requires the following:
1. Enrollment in Eugene IHS
2. Completion of the following Eugene IHS content classes when offered in the immersion language: 9th grade: Global Geography 10th grade: Global History 11th grade: half year History of the Americas or the equivalent 12th grade: community service in the immersion language, and a content class if offered
3. Four years of immersion language study in the host school. These foreign language classes will be designed and recommended by the staff based on individual needs and skills. Transfer students, foreign study, and other variations in the above policy will be reviewed by the Immersion Staff Committee at the host school. All en rolled students leaving the Immersion Program will have a documented exit interview with a member of the Immersion Staff Committee.

International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate, a program for juniors and seniors enrolled in Eugene IHS, is recognized by most colleges and universities for credit or advanced standing. Students seeking the International Baccalaureate Diploma must pass six examinations, complete a 4,000 word extended essay, and complete projects in creativity, action, and service. Eugene IHS students may also elect to take examinations in selected subject areas to earn IB certificates. Students passing these subject area exams earn certificates and receive college credit at selected colleges and universities.

The French Immersion Program within Eugene International High School Eugene IHS, in partnership with Sheldon and South Eugene High Schools, offers students the opportunity for language immersion study in Spanish or French. Immersion study requires course work both in the grammar and literature of the language and in the use of the language in the study of another discipline. The study of a variety of subjects in the immersion language is the distinguishing principle of immersion education. Students entering Eugene IHS from a District 4j immersion school in Spanish or French or students who demonstrate highly advanced skills in these languages may participate in the Spanish or French Immersion Program. If they successfully complete the requirements for the immersion program, students may earn the Immersion Medallion from Eugene IHS in recognition of full participation and enrollment in the immersion program for four years. Students who transfer from other language programs or students who have studied abroad may qualify for one of the immersion programs.



Algebra I (8th Grade)
IHS Global Lit
IHS Global
Health Geometry
IHS Global Geography
Child Development


IHS IB Lit of the Americas
IHS IB Economics
IHS IB History of the Americas
IHS Junior Seminar
AP French IV


IHS Literature and Arts
Algebra II
IHS Global History
IHS Values and Beliefs
Le Monde Francophone
Academics Unlimited


Senior IHS Program
AP Physics
AP French