A Quote that inspires me

"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow'."
- Mary Anne Radmacher

At Home with Maddie

About me

I got a VERY late start in gymnastics! I loved my school friends and just wanted to be with them.  So I played every sport…you name it, I played it!  Soccer, basketball, softball, even water polo!  My mom knew I had a natural talent for gymnastics but she allowed me to find my own passions in my own time.  I was 11 years old when I competed for the first time as a Level 4.  Standing on that little wooden podium at the “Teddy Bear Invitational” taking 1st Place AA, I was hooked! (The first place award was a prized Teddy Bear)

In 2009 I started taking a recreational gymnastics class at USGA in my hometown of Eugene, Oregon and within a few weeks my mom was approached by the coach and asked to put me on their “pre-team”.  My mom and I knew nothing about competitive gymnastics.  That day was a game changer!  I moved quickly through Levels 4-6 under my coaches Rosen Manolov and Neli Manolova.  In 2011, as a Level 7, I moved to the National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics.  Under my coaches Linda Mulvihill, Kira Oldham-Curtis and Jami Bressler I am now training Level 10.  We train 25 hours/week year round. 

Since starting at NAAG, I have watched several of my teammates move on to college gymnastics and I am determined to follow suit!  I am open to looking at all schools near and far and am just looking for that right fit.  I am a pretty good judge of character and I think when I find the right team, I will know it.

Home life

I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon….home of the Ducks!  It is a small town of about 275,000 in the beautiful Willamette Valley.  We are about an hour from the Oregon coast to the West and an hour away to the East are the beautiful Cascades where we ski every winter.  My father Don is a graduate of the University of Oregon and is an attorney.   My mom Leslie graduated from the University of Central Florida and is an Emergency Room RN.  I have an older brother Sam who is a Junior at the University of Oregon and a younger sister Sophia who is a Freshman at South Eugene High, also in the French Program.  I have a dog named Otis, a cat named Bootsy and a dwarf bunny named Cassie.  I also have great friends both from school and from the gym and a family that loves me.  I am truly blessed.

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Maddie Johnson

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leslie walker (mother)

2614 Kincaid Street
Eugene, OR 97405

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